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The Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center in La Grange will hold a Grand Opening Dedication of the Czech Newspaper Museum-České Noviny Muzeum on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 2 PM. The new museum is a replica of an early print shop and will tell the story of many early Czech newspapers printed across Texas. Also included in the museum is a printing press, gas engine, and related equipment used to print those newspapers.

A significant part of the history of the settlement of Czechs in Texas is the story of their newspapers. Their desire to communicate and stay abreast of the news resulted in the founding of newspapers in their communities and in their Czech language. Some lasted only a few years, but others continued and eventually became newsletters or journals written in the English language. Some of the newspapers featured in the museum are listed below.

Texan & Slovan
The Texan, the first Czech-language newspaper in Texas, was first published in 1879 in La Grange. The weekly Texan, renamed Slovan, continued to be published in La Grange until 1885 when the press was moved to Bryan in 1886.

Svoboda (Liberty) was established in 1885 in La Grange. In 1941, a paper called Svoboda began publication as a supplement to the El Campo Leader News. In September 1897, the Svoboda printed the SPJST Slovanska Jednota. After the 1912 SPJST Convention, the Věstník began publication with Volume 1, Number 5, in Hallettsville. It was later printed in the Svoboda print shop in La Grange. The Věstník was also published in Fayetteville from 1916 to 1932.

Obzor Hospodařský
The Obzor (Review) a Catholic newspaper, was established in 1891 and published in Hallettsville, printed in the Sacred Heart Rectory. Later the Obzor had an insert entitled Naše Ženy (Our Women).

Nový Domov
In 1894, Frank Jakubik purchased the Obzor press. After the purchase, Jakubik founded the Nový Domov (New Home) in Hallettsville. Under the efforts of Rev. Karel Beneš, Jakubik continued to print the Obzor along with the Nový Domov.

The Hospodář (Land Steward) was published for over 100 years. It began in 1890 in Omaha, Nebraska. In 1974, it was sold to the West News Publishing Company. In West, Jan Vaculik joined Jerome Kopecky and worked with him for 15 years until May of 1989 when Jan Vaculik purchased the paper. The paper is no longer published.

The Našinec (Fellow Countrymen) was first published in Hallettsville in 1914. The Našinec was printed in Granger until June of 2018 as the last paper published entirely in Czech in Texas.

The Rolník (Farmer), is the newspaper of the RVOS. It began as an insert, Rolník Texasky, in the Slovan in 1886. The Rolník continues to be the publication of the RVOS today.

Bratrské Listy
The Bratrské Listy (Brethren Journal) was first published in Brenham in 1902 and became the official organ of the Evangelical Unity of Brethren in North America. It was later moved to Temple, then to Austin where it is still published, although in the English language.

K.J.T. News
The Czech Catholic Union of Texas (K.J.T) approved a monthly publication in the English language in 1958. Prior to the convention, the Našinec served as the official organ of the K.J.T. The K.J.T. continues to publish its monthly issue of KJT News from the home office in La Grange.

K.J.Z.T. News
The Nový Domov, which was published in Hallettsville, Lavaca County, Texas, served as the official Czech publication for the Catholic Women’s Fraternal of Texas (K.J.Z.T.). The organization continues to publish the KJZT News.

Everyone is welcomed to grand opening, and we encourage the current editors and publishers in the communities where these papers originated to come out and be recognized. Also, family members and descendants of the original publishers and editors. A reception with food and drinks will follow in the Hanslik Hall with music featuring Gene Lichnovsky on the piano.