Main Center/Museum

The Koliba Lobby invites visitors in to the TCHCC Main Center building which houses offices, Hanslik Hall, Kopecky Gift Shop, KJT Conference Room, Melnar Library, and Nas Novy Domov (Our New Home) Museum. 

The Main Center building, designed by architect Roger Kolar, was completed in October 2009.  The building has a contemporary glass entrance representing the beacon of light that attracted the settlers to Texas, and also brings to mind the 19th century farm houses, dance halls, and buildings. At the entrance, paving stones, brick memorials, and the Immigrants’ Wall honor family and friends. A memorial brick walk leads to the three flags which our Czech ancestors treasured: the United States, the Czech Republic, and the State of Texas.


Discover the story of early Czech-Texans through many artifacts and memorabilia on display.