Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center
preserves and promotes the history, language, culture, and heritage of Czech Texans who trace their ancestry to the present-day Czech Republic or the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (including Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, and Slovakia).


Texas Czech Events

Missing: Our Elusive Family Members - MIAs, Orphans, and Adoptions
Saturday, July 20 9A-4P
Caldwell Civic & Visitor Center
Presented by Texas Czech Genealogical Society

Family Reunions

Do you have a family reunion coming up? Send the details to info@czechtexas.org and we'll post the info on our website and Facebook page.


Vítáme Vás, Y'all!

Upcoming Events

Exhibit Through November 15: Made in Czechoslovakia
Handcrafted wooden, fabric, and glass items on display.
November 22-December - Made in Czechoslovakia Christmas Special

July 15-18: Czech Republic Hidden Secrets Tour 2019

October 18-19: Heritage Fest & Muziky

Visit Events page for details. 2019 Events Flyer

What’s New?
Photos from 2019 Slavnost May Fest
Story/photos about SPJST Lodge 19 Velehrad