Eva a Vasek


Česká Kapela to Perform at Slavnost

The Eva Adams Česká Kapela will perform at Slavnost on Sun., May 20 from 3:30-6:30 PM at the Texas Czech Heritage & Cultural Center in La Grange. Eva and her husband, Vasek, are among the most popular professional music couples in the Czech Republic. They have been active in the domestic and international scene for nearly 30 years, having performed in in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and most of Europe. They are originally from the Moravian region and to this day have their firm -SURF Music Publishing House- based there. The firm is involved in audio-video, TV, and graphics.

During their highly successful music career, Eva and Vasek have received many awards. Among the most prominent are awards in CD sales- two multiplatinum, 16 platinum, and 32 gold records. The duo are talented multi-lingual singers, performing in their native Czech language as well as German, English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and several others.

Eva studied opera and plays piano, and Vasek plays an array of instruments including the accordion. The group accompanying Eva and Vasek is composed of young talented musicians who are studying at the prestigious music school conservatory in Pardubice, Czech Republic. They represent not only the school but the whole Pardubice region. This school is one of three schools in the Czech Republic where young and gifted students become professional musicians. Each musician is an excellent soloist on his or her musical instrument.

For this international music project, only top musicians were selected. When studying classical music, they aim to preserve Czech national traditions and interpretations of Czech musical authors. Because of their love for this music, Eva and Vasek have chosen them as their accompanying band. Let’s show them lots of Texas love, y’all!